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Mobility Management is about bringing together the people who need transportation, with the people who provide transportation and the providers who can assist with funding for transportation, to address community transportation needs. It is making the most of existing resources, creating new services when needed and looking at the issues through the eyes of the rider. The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM) notes that mobility management is an approach to designing and delivering transportation services that starts and ends with the customer. It begins with a community vision in which the entire transportation network—public transit, human service agencies, private operators, volunteer drivers, and others—works together with local residents, county planners, and other mobility managers to deliver the transportation options that best meet the community's needs.

How it benefits your community:

Mobility management can be the connector service for transportation solutions within your community by allowing the human service organizations to focus delivering their services and not spend time and resources deciphering how people will access those services. Mobility management keeps track of the needs and barriers of transportation within the community and how various programs may be able to collaborate or combine efforts to provide better access to the available programs and services in the community. Connect with Madison County Mobility Management today! (315) 366 - 8190 or GOMadison VT provides essential rides to medical destinations for residents who are 60+ in Madison County.The program offers no-cost transportation by utilizing volunteers and mobility management for anyone who has barriers to transportation. Connect with GOMadison VT today! (315) 628 - 8372 or