Madison County Community Action Partnership

The Madison County Community Action Partnership (CAP) provides service to approximately 1 out of 17 people in Madison County. In the area of transportation, they have a “Keys to Work” program that has provided 16 Madison County families per year a vehicle to get to and from work, and a car repair program, call to find out more either at the Morrisville Office (315) 684 - 3144 or Canastota Office (315) 697 - 3588.

Madison County Office of the Aging

Office for the Aging’s (OFA) mission is to “advocate, assist, and provide services that enrich the quality of life and promote the independence and dignity of older individuals and their families”. Current partnership for 60+ non-Medicaid seniors to medical appointments is handled through GOMadison VT (315) 628 - 8372

Oneida Health Foundation

The Cancer Care Fund is set up for Madison County residents to apply using the financial assistance form that helps assist with all cancer care medical transportation. Contact the Foundation Director at Email: or Call: 315-361-2169

    GOMadison VT

    GOMadison VT provides essential rides to health destinations for residents 60+ and non-Medicaid from Madison County, who have no other transportation alternatives. The mission is to provide transportation utilizing volunteers and mobility management for anyone who has barriers to transportation. Call (315) 628 - 8372 for Transportation Coordinator.

      Medical Answering Services (MAS)

      MAS provides medical transportation to and from appointments for Medicaid enrolled clients.

      Seniors Helping Seniors

      Provides a variety of non-medical in-home services for seniors by seniors designed to help seniors who have difficulties with activities of daily living remain independent. Services include companionship, housekeeping, transportation, overnight care, mobility assistance, home maintenance, and small repairs. Contact (315) 280 - 0739

      Madison Transit System (MTS)

      The Madison Transit System (MTS), currently operated by Birnie Bus, is a public transportation service aimed at meeting the needs of Madison County residents. The service is completely open to the public and offers route deviation service. The route deviation service operates year-round, Monday through Friday. Operations Manager contact: (315) 335-5527

      CASA - Cazenovia Area Senior Association

      Cazenovia Area Senior Association, Aka CASA, activities are available to all individuals age 55 and over residing in the towns of Nelson, Fenner, and Cazenovia. These townships and the Village of Cazenovia fund the activities which include educational programs, trips, and monthly luncheon get together with speakers or musical groups. (315) 825 - 5710

      MORE: Madison County Opportunities for Re-Entry and Employment

      Our MORE Program, in partnership with The Center for Court Innovation, was created to increase economic opportunities for those recently released from jail. The program combines 10-week group training sessions while individuals are incarcerated, followed by individualized case management services upon release. Inmates receive soft skills training while incarcerated. Upon release, the individual will work one on one with an Employment Coordinator to find jobs. Part of the program offers trasnportation funding for bus tokens and gas money, based off eligibility. Contact (646) 256 - 8903


        CRIS-CAT also partners with Birnie Bus for chartering shopping trips for senior apartments from Cazenovia residents. Some medical transportation is coordinated through their volunteer drivers, Call (315) 655-0612 for details.

        Seneca Fields Apartments

        Seneca Fields offers a few transportation options for residents. The first option is with the Healthy Seniors Program, based off a qualifying health diagnosis, residents can access scheduled trips with the Seneca Fields operated van for shopping and recreation. The second option is a scheduled trip with Madison Transit System bus coordinated through the Madison County Mobility Manager.

        2-1-1 Mid-York

        This is a resource and referral source for all over the United States, specifically for Madison County, you can inquire either by phone (listed below) or by website at

        The Arc

        Madison / Cortland The ARC works with people with developmental disabilities, providing vocational services, work center rehabilitation, clinical services, senior program services, and much more. The ARC runs a large transportation program designed to get their clientele, heralding from all areas of Madison County, to and from these programs. They have a small fleet of shuttles and each affiliated residence has a vehicle designated for medical and non-medical transportation.

        CAP Vehicle Assistance Program

        Assistance Available to qualified applicants • Car repairs, insurance, and loan payment. • Fees for NYS Driver’s license, current registration, and vehicle inspection • Gas and Tires

        City Centre Apartments

        City Centre Apartments does not provide transportation for residents, but there is a scheduled shopping trip with Madison Transit coordinated by the Madison County Mobility Manager.

        Coach USA

        Coach offers, through its Shortline service, select service to NYC from Hamilton and Morrisville, primarily catering to college students from Colgate University and Morrisville State College.

        Colgate First Transit

        Colgate University maintains a contract with First Transit, to provide transportation for students, faculty, staff and Hamilton residents to local shopping, restaurants, local businesses and to campus.

        The Department of Social Services

        The Department of Social Services (DSS) is involved with limited transportation for its clients, mostly with the foster child program.

        Heritage Farm

        Heritage Farm provides a wide variety of services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Heritage contracts with Birnie Bus and Madison Transit to transport about 250 passengers per week to and from their programs.

        Liberty Resources - Maxwell House

        The Maxwell House is an adult recovery community residence for men who are in the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Transportation is needed to move residents around within the community for recreational purposes.

        The Oneida Health Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center

        The Oneida Healthcare Center is one of the major destinations for much of the medical related transportation in the County. Through its Extended Care Facility (ECF), OHC provides transportation to its residents. Currently the ECF has 1 van that they use to transport residents, primarily to and from medical appointments.

        Madison County Department of Health

        The Madison County Department of Health (DOH) provides transportation to handicapped youth through their early intervention and pre-k education programs. This program is managed through a contract with Vehicle Management Consultants, Inc. (VMC). This service operates 5 days per week with an annual average of approximately 18,000 trips. Auburn Transport and Paine Bus Services and Lampher Bus Services.

        Madison County Department of Mental Health

        The Mental Health Department primarily provides transportation for their clients to and from partner agencies and facilities that offer required services.

        Mobile Life Transport

        Mobile Life Transport provides on-demand medical transportation for Medicaid and Private Pay Clients.

        Morrisville Area Xpress (MAX)

        Morrisville Area Xpress MAX provides daily, after hours and weekend shuttles. Shop n Ride, Rides for Residents Program, Field Trips, Nursing Clinicals.